Posted by: trixytoes | April 16, 2009

Fashion Hotspot

Ah the beautiful city of London… well when it’s not raining, is definately a fashionistas haven.

This is a scenario that i have been in, you may have too. You have your beautiful new outfit, it’s the best you own, you have your sexy heels and your wearing your pricey bling (definately not from Primark, might even be better than Accessorize). The wine is out the fridge and although it might be cheap it’s still french, so you’re all set to go.

You may think it’s easy to just go into central London and find a classy decent club but you would be wrong !

If you haven’t done your research than you just might end up dancing to minimal techno, with thirty something men, who drink stella and wear their office gear clubbing. A disappointing night to say the least, no matter how much you drink.

It’s a shame for all that effort to go to waste, so here’s a club, which deserves your best outfit.

At the top of the pack we have amika. A prestigious night club in High Street Kensington, this is where the super elite come to party. (You may find yourself under dressed here so don’t be afraid to go all out)

The club has a chandelier room, champagne and cocktails bar, all exquistely decorated.


It is a premiere club meaning that it’s membership only but don’t worry if you put yourself on the guestlist a little bit in advance or book a table, entry into high end luxurxy is yours.







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