Posted by: trixytoes | April 15, 2009

Karen O Yeah!

New York Punks the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are a three piece band lead by the beautiful Karen O.

This New yorker doesn’t only have a phenomenal voice but she put the fashion back into punk.

Karen O has certainly turned heads in the fashion world by wearing unique outfits designed by her friend Christian Joy. Her outfits have ranged from old prom dresses to space suits.




The Yeah Yeah Yeahs new album It’s Blitz is out now!

This is their new single Zero from their new album performed live on Letterman, be sure to check out her outfit!



  1. I am wondering who owns the copyright for the top image of Karen O posing in the boots and braces, pulling chewing gum from her mouth. I would like to adapt this image into a vector and use it as a canvas print design and would like to contact the copyright owner of the image to seek their permission.

    • I got the image from photobucket if that helps.

  2. […] Karen O I love her style […]

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