Posted by: trixytoes | April 14, 2009

Sandals, Sandals, Sandals

No matter where you go Kurt Geiger, Office, Faith, Schuh or even New Look. Summer footwear is here! sandals are filling shop windows and we are certainly spoilt for choice.

The only question is what look should we go for?

There’s the gladiator look.



Sandals by Dolce and Gabbana 

This a must have look this summer! The sun was out for a little while and the celebrities rushed out to fashion their pampered, pedicured feet with this brilliant ancient rome look.


 Perfectly illustrated by Kate Moss

There’s the sandal with the wedge heel


Sandal by Hush Puppies

Sandals below by Red or Deadwedge

The simple yet classic beach sandal


And who could forget the Birkenstocks


These are classic limited edition pink Birkenstocks released for a breast cancer campaign. Get yours fast at



  1. Kate Moss’ gladiators are called Banglez by Steve Madden. I have them 🙂 They have something of a cult following.

    • Wow thats really cool! Thankx jo that’s really useful information, i like gladiators…i think i might get myself a pair :-p.

  2. Hi,

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